AWS Key Pair Generation

AWS Key Pair Generation

AWS Key Pair Generation


  • Amazon Web Services(AWS) account.


  1. Login to your AWS account. AWS_Login.png

  2. Click on Search bar and type EC2. Select EC2. AWS_Search.png

  3. Select Key Pairs option.

    • There are 2 ways for creating a Key Pair.

      a. In EC2 web page, under Resources, select Key Pairs. Key_Pairs_Method_1.png

      b. In left hand pane, find Network & Security section, then select Key Pairs. Key_Pairs_Method_2.png

  4. Click on Create key pair. Create_key_pair.png

  5. Fill the details and click on Create key pair. Fill_Details.png

  6. After clicking Create key pair, download pop up appears. Download and save the file in your device in a safe place. The downloaded key pair is a private key, it is used to authenticate to your EC2 instance either in your local terminal if your are using Linux or Mac or Putty in Windows. Download_KeyPair.png

  7. More about Key pairs.

    • AWS EC2 supports 2 types of Key Pair strategies.

      a. RSA (Default)

      b. ED25519 (Supports only for Linux and Mac OS)

    • AWS has 2 Key pair formats.

      a. .pem file. Supports for Linux and Mac OS.

      b. .ppk file. Supports for Windows OS.